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What is a digital garden?

A digital garden is a space where my ideas can grow from seed to sapling to fruit.

Digital Garden Process

I use an inbox system to help me remember to return to and flesh out ideas.


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What would make you proud of Foster DAO in the next 60 days?

What is wrong with online communities?

[[When are hierarchical structures good?]]

Personal Philosophy

Borrowing from the late Abraham Maslow and the living Scott Barry Kaufman

Life isnโ€™t a trek up a summit. Itโ€™s more like a vast ocean, full of new opportunities for meaning and discovery but also danger and uncertainty. In this choppy surf, a pyramid is of little use. What we really need is something more flexible and functional: a sailboat.

Sailboat Metaphor

Keep an active archive because we are all in the state of becoming.

In order to navigate through the good and the bad times, it’s important to develop a healthy confidence – showing up in a way that is not centered around external validation.

healthy confidence

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