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Hi, my name is Rika, and I am a full-time Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a.k.a. DAO contributor. I believe in working with the garage door open so I use this website to share my work and thoughts. If you feel called to do so, click on any link and start to go down that topic’s rabbit hole (kind of like you would on Wikipedia).

First and foremost, I am a writer who is interested in systems thinking and emerging complex systems, like DAOs. I am also interested in money, which as Vitalik recently pointed out, continues to be the most important cryptocurrency app.


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Published Writing

A Look into Autonomy and How DAOs Use Working Groups | Autonomy in Governance | Building an Economy Within a DAO – A Twitter Thread | DAO Working Groups Case Studies | FTX Fraud Series | A nonfiction anthology about DAOs | My Untraditional Way of Searching for a Job | Real humans need to shape DAOs so they don’t become a rich kid club | Sharing is Caring Newsletter | Uniswap Writing Assignment

Almost Published Writing

Voting, Governance, and veTokens Community and Web3

Focus Areas

Decentralized Finance


In simplicity of structure the tree is comparable to the compulsive desire for neatness and order that insists the candlesticks on a mantelpiece be perfectly straight and perfectly symmetrical about the centre. The semilattice, by comparison, is the structure of a complex fabric; it is the structure of living things, of great paintings and symphonies.

- Christopher Alexander A City is Not a Tree, 1965

Life isn’t a trek up a summit. It’s more like a vast ocean, full of new opportunities for meaning and discovery but also danger and uncertainty. In this choppy surf, a pyramid is of little use. What we really need is something more flexible and functional: a sailboat.

- Scott Barry Kaufman, Transcend: The New Science of Self Actualization, 2020

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