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Last updated March 23, 2023

Experiments are my way to see reality more clearly by designing my work in the present, rather than trying to predict and plan for the future.

I am inspired by Rob Hardy’s commitment to Experiments

My experiments

Themed work days

I need and crave deep work. This is time for writing, reading, digital gardening, learning about DAOs, reading newsletter, and engaging with online communities. I can’t, however, do all of these things each and every day because my attention becomes diffuse and I don’t get into a state of flow. When I don’t get into a state of flow, I feel a combination of 1)disappointment from a lack of accomplishment or 2) tiredness from context switching.

Enter themed days. At the beginning of each day, I want to write the ONE thing that I am focusing on that day. And I’m going to intensely work on that one thing.

Long phone breaks

Lately, I have found myself checking my phone a lot during the day. I pick up my phone to text, to check email, to see who called. Its a compulsive habit and I’m noticing that it is diffusing my attention and focus, both with work and with relationships.

I want to experiment with full-day phone breaks. This means no phone in the evening either.

At the beginning of each day, I want to write down important phone/text conversations I expect to have and then schedule a time to intentionally check my phone only for that conversation.

Increase reach on Twitter

I want to write meaningful tweets that align with my world view and beliefs, with the intention of increasing followers and getting more visibility, while not falling prey to Twitter’s gamification tactics attempting to turn me into a one trick pony. I wrote about this in my newsletter.

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July 27, 2021

I am drawn to lore, storytelling. DAOHaus.


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